Sunday, September 27, 2009

A cricket game and a dilemma

I admit that I'm not a very big fan of cricket. I've never actually sat through an entire game and am not exactly sure of what LBW means. Still, when I heard about about Pakistan's win against India in a Champion's Trophy match, I was overjoyed. Which ended up puzzling me. Why should someone who knows nothing and doesn't care about cricket care if their national team wins or not? After all, isn't it just a game where winning is based on the a greater number of imaginary points as compared to another team. Or so I tell my self

Considering that I eschewed patriotism as a foolish attachment to a piece of land during my undergraduate studies, this joy over something I could care less about is disconcerting. Maybe because it points to the hypocrisy of my "non-patriotic" beliefs. Or perhaps it is a reminder of the fact that I am more Pakistani than I'd like to think.

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