Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More developments on the Suaad case

The Liberal MPs continued to pressure the Prime Minister to apologize to Suaad Hagi Mohamud for her three month ordeal in Kenya. Three opposition politicians, Bob Rae, Dan McTeague and Joe Volpe, the MP representing Suaad Hagi Mohamud, say
(It is) unacceptable that Ottawa has mobilized its defences to fight a lawsuit filed after a family visit turned into a three-month nightmare.
 I have reported previous developments on this case,  Suaad was originally flagged by an airline employee as to whether the passport was actually hers. Canadian officials determined that she was an impostor based on her photo and her inability to answer specific questions, however DNA results proved that she was in fact who she claimed to be.

The MPs allege that in addition to not admitting that it had made the wrong decision, Prime Minister Steven Harper lied to the public stating on Aug. 18 that he only learned of Mohamud's case the week before.

An e-mail filed in court as part of the government's statement of defence suggests Harper was aware of the high-profile case as early as July 1, the day the Toronto Star first brought Mohamud's case to light.

Catherine Loubier, director of communications for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, ordered department officials to prepare an "urgent" response for the prime minister in case he was questioned by reporters at a Canada Day event later that day.

Suaad Hagi Mohamud has recently been accused for misrepresenting her situation to the public, something which the opposition allege is a scare tactic. Given the fact that any emerging information on this case had been assessed under partisan viewpoints, there is a sore need for a public review. If the government did play a role in the detention of Ms. Mohamud in Kenya, then it must pay its dues. Meanwhile, it would be prudent if legislation requiring the Canadian government to help its citizens abroad was passed, if only to ensure that the government does not face a 2.5 million dollar lawsuit again.

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