Thursday, October 15, 2009

They're at it again...

The Conservatives are in hot water after images of government cheques being given out with the conservative part logo on it.

This of course has caused a severe bout of hyper-ventilation on the part of the opposition (aka Liberals), who are calling for an investigation from the federal ethics commissioner to look at 47 instances of "partisan chequing". In addition, Liberals are also mulling over asking Elections Canada to launch and inquiry over the illegal donations being made to the Conservative Party.

On his part, Steven Harper (aka Prime Minister extraordinaire, aka sun king) has repeatedly called for the removal of partisan logos from said cheques.

Partisan symbols on government cheques cross the line from independent public money being offered for public services and incentives given to openly promote a partisan cause.It would be good for Steven Harper and his conservatives to remember that they represent Canada and not just the Conservative party

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