Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on Islamic University Blasts

Aljazeera correspondent describes on the scene carnage in a short blog post:

Inside the university, the smell of smoke makes you choke. On the ground, a blood trail leaves you in no doubt as to the ferocity of this attack.

Everyday objects are strewn across the floor. I pick up a watch, a cheap $10 affair from one of the local markets. It's blackened and burnt.

I wonder if its owner is alive or dead.

More details emerge about the blasts. According to Associated Free Press (AFP), the first bomb went off in the faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence used by male students and the second went off in a women's cafeteria.

There has been no responsibility claimed for these attacks although the blast bears similarity to the recent wave of suicide bombing carried out by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Interior Minister Rehman Malikr responds :"Pakistan is in a state of war"

PM Office condemns the attacks

...the perpetrators of such heinous crime would not be spared.

CNN reports live from the blast site

Conspiracy theories emerge;Indian (RAW) and Israeli(Moussad) intelligence agencies behind the attacks

Orla Guerin of BBC News reports

One of the blasts happened outside the office of the professor of Sharia law. The blast was so powerful that it punched a massive hole in the wall of that office.

Rubble and masonry were littered on the floor, as well as some shoes - it's unclear whether these belonged to the bomber or one of his victims.

One student said the sky went dark when the explosion happened, that some people ran away in fear while others tried to help the victims.

If you are in Islamabad, BBC would like to hear from you. You can send your comments, thoughts and opinions using the comment form available at the bottom of the linked BBC article.

Video news coverage:


Dawn News Report

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