Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Suaad Saga continues

More developments emerge on Suaad Hagi Mohamud, a Somali-Canadian who was finally repatriated to Canada after being labeled an imposter in Kenya and imprisoned. On May 21st 2009, Suaad was detained while trying to board a KLM flight to Toronto after a three week visit when she was detained for not matching her passport photo, according to officials her lips were not the same as in the picture.She spent eight days in jail and was released on bail with no travel papers. Kenyan officials sent her passport to Canadian consular officials, who said she was an "imposter," voided the passport and sent it back to the Kenyans for prosecution. She spent three months stranded in Kenya and returned home when public pressure forced the government to conduct a DNA test, proving that the Canadian woman was who she claimed to be.

Court affidavits show that the first Canadian official who interviewed the detained woman, Paul Jameison states that he suspected the woman to be Suaad Hagi Mohamud's sister. 
Jamieson said he interviewed the woman – in English – three times in five days while she was in Kenyan custody. The first time was by phone May 21, the second in person at the airport May 22, the third at the Canadian High Commission on May 25.
(he) did not take notes of the telephone interview ... but recalled  some of the questions and answers
The lack of notes for a telephone interview, and that too one by a government official makes me suspicious. Steven Harper and his government has often covered up its mistakes. But there are some discrepancies to be noted on the part of Suaad also.

For example, in her interviews with the Toronto Star Mohamud said she was a divorced mother of a 12-year-old in Toronto, and that she fended for herself in slum hotels while stranded in Nairobi.

In the court affidavits, she says that in 2007 she married Mohamud Osman, a Kenyan of Somali origin who lives in Nairobi.

I'll admit I was on Suaad's side when this whole affair started. But now, I'm not so sure. These new developments have left me wondering whether Suaad is a victim of government misconduct or her own mistakes.