Monday, October 12, 2009

Innovation in News from Monrovia

Journalism takes on an unexpected from in Liberia (West Africa)

If you're looking to quote someone...

...don't quote him.

While surfing the web, I came across a compilation of memorable quotes by Musharraf on, which made me laugh and wonder "What was this man thinking?". I have decided to share my favorites.

‘I'm not a politician. I don't have the makings of a politician. I believe in straight talk.’
On the 2002 elections timetable given out – BBC on 27 July, 2000

‘The people love me. I'm a popular leader wherever I go. Those who are protesting against me are idiots. They don't know anything.’
On people’s sentiments towards him – BBC on 15 October, 2001

‘I am a fighter, I will fight you. I do not give up and if you can shout, I can shout louder.’
On denying making the women exploiting rape statements published in the Post interview – Dawn on 18 September, 2005

‘All this today, in the past six years, what I have done in Pakistan, is really the essence of democracy. What the West looks at is just the label of democracy.’
On defining democracy in Pakistan – BBC interview with Barbara Plett on 1 March 2006

What about you?

Militant attacks on Shangla

Four soldiers and three policemen were among the 41 killed and 60 injured in today's attack in Shangla when a teenage suicide bomber struck a military vehicle in a crowded market place at 11am. This is among a string of terror attacks that is thought to be associated with the upcoming military offensive in South Waziristan.