Monday, October 26, 2009

Roti List: Orphaned Land

This week's music feature is Orphaned Land, an Israeli death metal band credited with the creation of a new genre of metal known as Oriental death metal. Oriental death metal utilizes Arabic percussion and strings with electric guitar shredding and harsh metal vocals. Orphaned Land is not only one of the biggest music phenomenon in Israel but it is popular throughout the Middle East. In fact, the band sings in a variety of languages including English, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Yiddish. Their songs usually have a biblical context and focus on extremes such as meeting of east and west, light and darkness and God and Satan.

My favorite song to date is the Birth of the Three which focuses on the commonality between the three Abrahamic faiths in a very death metal way. Whether you're a burgeoning metal head like me or someone who has never listened to metal before, I hope you take the time to check this song out.