Monday, March 8, 2010

Blast in Lahore

A suicide bombing this morning near the FIA and Special Investiagtive Agency in Lahore has killed a dozen people and left 81 injured. The blast also ripped apart a neighboring school and nearby houses; many casualties included parents returning from their daily school runs. Eight of the reported twelve dead were women.

Despite the fact that TTP has taken responsibility for these attacks as retaliation for US drone attacks and Pakistani military operations in the tribal regions, Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah claimed that India’s RAW agency as well as Israel and other countries could also be involved. It is a sad day indeed when lawmakers utilize tragedies such as this to advance conspiracy theories rather than discuss the matter on hand. Even with the almost daily attacks on the civilian population, it seems that the Pakistani ruling elite have still not accepted the threat that religious militant groups pose to the country. Blaming India, Israel and other countries is an insult to the victims of these attacks and makes it clear that politicians like Rana Sanaullah couldn't care less.

In recent days, Pakistani forces have been congratulated for making numerous strides against militancy in the region. Today's blast serves as a reminder that this work is far from over.

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