Friday, June 4, 2010

News for Thursday

More than just a low calorie alternative for your coffee. French Prime Minister Nicholar Sarkozy is under fire for his role in providing 50 million Euros worth of "sweetners"  to senior Pakistani officials (legal until 2000) and and extra 33 million euros to two Lebanese intermediaries which had nothing to do with the contract  and instead were rewired to France to help finance Prime Minster Eduoard Balladour's campaign in 1995 (illegal).

Good news! BP has capped the ruptured oil well and is funnelling 1000 barrels of oil per day to the suface.

Yukio Hatoyama's replacement has been named. Naoto Kan, a former environmental campaigner has just been named Japan's fifth prime minister in four years. Political agenda: national stability, form a East Asian trading bloc, regional stability in the face of the korean crisis.

Keeping up the momentum. After the failed attempt of the Freedom Flotilla to defy Israel's naval blockade on Gaza, Irish and British  Freedom flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is headed towards the Gaza strip. Currently 80km from the interception zone of the first flotilla, 150km from Gaza.

So you want to be a professional apologist? Stephen Walt lays out the 21 talking points crucial to defending the indefensible.

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