Saturday, July 24, 2010

People in glass houses shoudn't throw stones

 (Image Credit: Who is Who in Karachi)

Dr. Farooq Sattar of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (United National Movement, MQM), a political party based on Muhajir (immigrants from India and their descendents) empowerment denounced Awami National Party (People's National Party, ANP); based on Pashtun empowerment for the killing of a party worker on Friday. Addressing the media, Dr. Sattar stated that:
ANP’s armed men opened indiscriminate fire on MQM’s office. As a result, several MQM workers were injured and one of them succumbed to the injuries. The attackers belong to the Awami National Party. This statement is being made with complete evidence.They are at large in the city and targeting people is their routine practice.
 He added that:

Criminals of this party are rolling around in the city with weapons at will. They are grabbing lands and properties on gun point and blackmailing people for money.
Sound familiar? It is somewhat amusing to see Dr. Sattar refer to the ANP as criminals operating with impunity when members of his own party behave in precisely the same way. I guess he forgot about the tit for tat killings that the MQM is currently engaged in or a month ago or a year ago.What about the bodies of young men which found in sacks strewn about the city throughout the early nineties? Will you be feigning amnesia on this one Mr. Sattar?

 In his address to the media, Mr. Sattar has already indicated that the violence will not abate in the near future warning that:
Despite such a big setback, the Chief of MQM has instructed the party to tolerate such incidents. But if we are forced, our level of tolerance may also reach the threshold.
It looks like the people of Karachi will not be getting a reprieve anytime soon.


  1. MQM and ANP both have hijacked Karachi they both have their won no go areas in the city,i think hey are not political parties you can call them gangsters i hope we could get a better leadership this is all because of our deeds we should ask for mercy from the almighty allah.

  2. @ Anonymous I agree with your assessment of both the ANP and MQM, although I'm not sure about whether or not Allah is actually involved. My problem with the latter part of you statement lies with the fact that attributing the action of the MQM and ANP to a divine authority negates the need for owning up to the fact that we as a society have created these monsters in the first place. The majority of personal sins in my opinion (such as drinking or pre martial sex) do not precipitate political violence of this sort. I don't think that Allah is allowing these groups to operate with impunity, in fact I would say that it is incompetent government which allow this who themselves are a reflection of the Pakistani society.