Thursday, January 7, 2010

Video from the South Waziristan Frontline

NOW on PBS has released some footage of the South Waziristan offensive as part of its preview of its hour long feature program "Targeting the Taliban" (which can be viewed online after its broadcast on January 8th). I plan to watch the entire programme on PBS and post my views on it later.

The preview has sparked a debate on Huffington Post as to the credibility of the entire video. Some claim that this is a propaganda, a staged video to prove Pakistani efforst in the region. Others point to obvious discrepancies in the story reported. Here are some of the comments

LOL...Pakistan is making "Chutiya" of US one more time by this propaganda video and to cough up more $$'s
They looked incredibly sloppy and would turn check when confronted with the Taliban.
That was nothing more than a demo reel. Those are not hardened fighters.
I wish them the best of luck.The road to a solution in Afghanistan leads through Pakistan. We can only hope the Pakistani military is sincere in fighting the Frankenstein monster they have created. And they are no longer playing us for fools like they did Bush/Cheney for 7 years. But I believe that in light of the numerous bombings that have killed innocent women children in market places and Mosques within Pakistan the army is fighting the Fundamentalists for real. And like I said: I wish them the best of luck.
Not to mention riding along with an Army Major in what appears to be a soft-skin vehicle with the threat of suicide bombers and IEDs on the road.

On a side note, why would one wear a bright red jacket when going out on a military excursion? It's like painting a large target sign on your back and running across a shooting range.