Friday, February 5, 2010

Karachi Blasts

Volunteers search damaged bus carrying Shiite pilgrims 
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Two separate attacks coinciding with the Chelum procession have left 25 people dead and more than a 100 wounded. A motorcycle rigged with explosives collided into a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims killing approximately 12 people, followed by a second explosion killing 13 people inside Jinnah hospital, where the injured were being taken. A television rigged with 25kg of explosives found in front of the hospital was disabled.In lieu of the attacks, the Chehlum procession was halted.

According to NYT, there are several conflicting accounts of the incidence. Some witness claim a motorcycle was used while another report suggests the bomber was aboard the bus. has posted a gut wrenching media sideshow on the aftermath of both attacks.

Blast in Jinnah Hospital caught on CCTV-GeoTV

Blast caught on Cellphone camera-ARY News

Scenes from the attack sites-Express News

PM Yousuf Raza Gilani and Prime Minister Asif Ali Zardari condemn the blasts-"attack a heinous act"

Abdul Sattar Edhi narrowly escapes attack in Jinnah Hospital-The Guardian

Eyewitness accounts from AKS (Five Rupees)

I was at my office when the blast occurred which is only a few hundred meters away from the blast site and rushed home after the bomb. The biggest worry was that there may be more blasts or that there may be riots. The police was quick to cordon of the road from Tipu Sultan and it was apparent that most people on the road were trying to get home as soon as possible.
 Words from a survivor
"I will keep sitting here because it is my sons' blood, I want the terrorists to kill me as well."
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Update (5/02/10-1:45PM)

BBC coverage of attacks


Update (5/02/10-11:09PM)

Sindh Goverment announces compensation for families of victims

Sunni and Shiite Islamic scholars (Ulema) urge for calm