Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inane headline of the Day

From today's The News:
 Versified translation of Holy Quran proves Hindko richness

Meh! In my patronizing Urdu-speaking view, Hindko is still a dialect.
P.S. The above statement is meant to convey a sarcastic tone. No offense is intended for Hindko speakers.

Reading for Tuesday

Somethings are far from black and white.Ahsan (Five Rupees) and Mosharraf Zaidi on some of the controversies surrounding drone attacks.

Forget about frogs, snails and puppy-dog tails. Kalsoom(Chup)with a guest post on what Pakistani boys are really made of.

Mommy and Me. Family photos of some of the most powerful people on the planet (courtesy of Foreign Policy)

Pakistani Porn. And Tazeen (A Reluctant Mind) on Pakistani Porn.

That's all for now.